Build Business Relationships that are

Productive, Balanced and Enduring

  Be clear on the status and explicit purpose of your business relationships and use this clarity to achieve results that have real value for both you and your clients.

  Achieve Results through Relationships in a way that is natural, collaborative, efficient and effective.

For an approach to business relationships and business winning that will make you feel proud and comfortable and that will be liked and valued ...

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Good Business Relationships are the ones that work for both parties.

Doing Good Business can be:





We’ve enabled people who are uncomfortable at the idea of having to sell or promote their company’s services to achieve real results through relationships.

That’s a win for them, their business and their clients.

To Win Business Without Selling, you and your client need to



WHY? Because...

Being Known and Trusted -

Gives the confidence to do business together

Being Understood and Valued –

Give a reason to do business together

Become Known, Trusted, Understood and Valued to do good business, more easily, more often.

Recognise This?

If you and your team are not mutually


with clients and colleagues, you’ll recognise some or all of these situations:


Business relationships you’ve nurtured for months/years sometimes generate little or no business


Even when you/your firm is the best, you still lose business you should win


It’s hard to bring your people through to senior positions as so few have demonstrated they can handle the the business winning and/or business relationship demands


Your client base is out of balance and you are highly dependent on a few large clients


Your colleagues are protective of their relationships and this inhibits growth.

Become Known, Trusted, Understood and Valued and you can win business without selling by the way relationships are created and sustained. Tackle these and other relationship related issues that can hold your business back.

If you recognise these, get in touch for a conversation.

What Results Do You Need?

These are the main business results our clients are looking for.

Clarity & Action on Relationship Status:
Are they ‘fit for purpose’?

Objective, Repeatable, Comparable Assessment of Relationships


Clarity & Action on Relationship Productivity:
What needs to change to strengthen your business?

More Clients in Your Portfolio

A More Balanced Client Portfolio

Clients in New Markets or at a New Level

More from Existing Clients


Clarity & Action on Relationship Contribution:
Is everyone playing their part?

Demonstrable Leadership by Example in
Business Winning and Relationship Creation

Everyone Able to Make the Most of Every Interaction


What results do YOU need?

What's The Deal?

You Bring

A services business, a business goal and a desire to lead by example.

You Say

We Bring

The Results Through Relationships Framework plus practical insight and experience that makes a real impact on relationships and business winning success.

We Say

If you CAN DO ✔
then DON'T SELL ✔

Win business without selling by the way you create and sustain relationships

Call me for a conversation to see if we can make the difference you need.

Six Questions To Ask Yourself


How strong do I need each of my existing relationships to be?


How do I judge objectively and consistently where I am on each one … and how will I address weaknesses and capitalise on strengths?


What relationships do I need, that I don’t currently have and am I confident of establishing those relationships?


Is the whole of my team making a meaningful contribution to relationship building and business development?


How do I efficiently and effectively create and sustain the relationships that give the most benefit to both parties?


How enduring, balanced and productive is my portfolio of clients?

If you can answer and the answers are positive – congratulations. You’ve got a business that knows how to create and sustain productive relationships.

If you can answer and the answers are uncomfortable or if you don’t have a way to answer - get in touch for a conversation.

Services That Make It Happen

Results through Relationships Primary Services:

Working with Leaders:

To grow a more sustainable, more predictable and hence more valuable business via:


Results through Relationships Business Relationship Healthcheck – to bring clarity, focus and a meaningful action plan


1-1 Programmes – tackling together the most important business development and business relationship outcomes needed for the success of your business


Board Guidance services – on business winning and business relationships

Results through Relationships Supporting Services:

Working with Future Leaders and Team Members:

Enabling them to build a strong Business Relationships platform and demonstrate ability to use it whilst still delivering for their clients:


Results through Relationships Facilitated Self Assessments – understanding current capability and concerns


Business Relationships for Future Leaders – Group Events/Away Day workshops/ coaching and personal development programmes


Business Relationship Fundamentals – Group Events/Away Day workshops


Business Relationships Reminder Service – good practice prompts.

Being helpful is an important part of relationship care. So here’s something from me that should be helpful on your journey to achieve real results through relationships:

The People buy from People Relationship Reminders.

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My Story

I’ve never sold anything to anyone. However, people have bought many hundreds of millions of pounds worth of services from me during my career.

Even as a junior applications developer with no sales consciousness at all, the people I worked with consistently wanted to do more business with my firm. I was once told by the sales director that I was probably the best sales person in the business even though I had no sales training or responsibilities.

So what was I doing that meant that people wanted to buy from me, even though I wasn’t selling to them? That’s what I worked out and tested and tuned in a variety of high value services environments resulting in a long and successful track record of winning good business without selling.

carole gillespie

That practical insight now forms the basis of the Results through Relationships Framework and the Relationship Code. Leaders in a range of services companies from those just starting out to major corporations have adopted the Results through Relationships approach and seen a real difference for themselves, their people, their business and their clients. The icing on the cake? My clients tell me it has been really enjoyable and stimulating working together. I’m proud of that and I’ve enjoyed it too. Long may that continue.

Let’s get business relationships working for everyone.

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